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Medicare Supplement & Cost Plans

Medicare Supplement & Cost Plans Insurance, also known as Medigap, helps cover the costs of health care that Original Medicare doesn't. If you have Medicare and want to protect yourself against high out-of-pocket expenses, a Medigap plan can give you more coverage for deductibles and co-payments.

The government standardizes the plans to ensure that they provide primary coverage for all seniors who purchase them. Ten standard plans are available in most states, but each covers different benefits and has its own rules and limitations.

There are two types of Medicare Supplement insurance policies: standard and managed care. The standard policies are designed to cover certain uncovered medical expenses after you meet your annual deductible. Managed care plans combine traditional supplemental insurance with other services at preferred rates, such as prescription drugs and doctor visits.

The benefits offered by these plans vary widely depending on the plan chosen by each consumer; however, most managed care programs provide additional benefits such as dental or vision coverage along with lower premiums than traditional supplemental insurance plans.

Medicare Supplement & Cost Plans can be confusing, and the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Cost plans are even more profound. Here at Krueger Insurance Service, we offer education on these factors so that customers can make an informed decision regarding their healthcare.

We take time to analyze each customer's selections of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Cost Plans and create consultant-recommended recommendations for other coverage through employer or retiree programs that may fit customers' needs more accurately.

Our consultative services are risk-free, as we offer free consultations to all! Come by our office today to get started on this life-changing process quickly, conveniently, and at no charge!